Keep Your Vehicle at Peak Performance with an Oil Change!

January 16th, 2021 by

Do, I Really Need an Oil Change? The Answer’s “Yes,” and INFINITI of Fort Wayne Can Tell You Why!

Oil changes. Out of all the common services that drivers like to put off, they’re probably the most important. No matter what your vehicle does, it’s using oil. And if you want your vehicle to give you its best? You’ll need fresh oil to make it happen.
Luckily, an oil change isn’t hard to handle when you work with the team at INFINITI of Fort Wayne. Based in Fort Wayne, our dealership has an onsite service center serving drivers from Huntington, IN to Warsaw and more.

The Importance of Oil Changes Explained

Your car’s engine? When you get down to it, it’s basically just a big collection of moving and grinding parts. Without proper lubrication, those parts will overheat and wear down. That’s where oil comes in.
Every time your vehicle’s engine starts running, motor oil is dispensed and spread out throughout all of its components. This oil helps to keep things cool and prevents the damage that might otherwise occur if your vehicle’s parts were left to grind against each other unchecked. This can help expensive parts last longer, limiting your vehicle’s need for costlier repairs.
The problem with oil? It doesn’t last forever. As it grows older and runs low, it stops being as effective. To maintain its effectiveness, the old oil needs to be removed and replaced at regular intervals.

Schedule Oil Change Service at INFINITI of Fort Wayne Today

Are you a Columbia City driver interested in oil change service? Contact the service team at INFINITI of Fort Wayne. Our service center team is taking appointments and we’d be happy to schedule a time for you to come in and get the help your vehicle needs.

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