INFINITI QX80 vs. Lincoln Navigator

How Does the 2021 INFINITI QX80 Compare to the New Lincoln Navigator?

Which Big Luxury SUV is the Right One for Me?

When you’re in the market for a bigger SUV, you’ll find that the luxury market is home to some of the best new models around.

Case in point? The 2021 INFINITI QX80. A big SUV with powerful engine options, plenty of space, and plenty of seating, the INFINITI QX80 offers the space and performance you want, wrapped in the trappings of a new luxury model.

The real test of a great vehicle, however? How it compares to its competitors. Considering the caliber of SUV peers like the Lincoln Navigator, it’s a testament to the quality of the INFINITI QX80 that it’s held in such high regard.

Let’s take a look at what both have to offer and why we think the 2021 QX80 is the right SUV for you.

The 2021 INFINITI QX80

Powered by a standard V8 engine and with a towing capacity of 8,500 pounds, you might be forgiven for thinking the INFINITI QX80 is some high-performance truck. All it takes is a second’s glance to dissuade such notions. With an elegantly sleek style, spaciously comfortable interior, and robust feature suite, the 2021 INFINITI QX80 is a true luxury SUV through and through.

2021 INFINITI QX80 interiorPerformance: 5.6-liter V8 (400 horsepower, 413 pounds-feet of torque, 14/20 miles per gallon)

Feature Options: Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Built-in Navigation, Tri-Zone Climate Control, Power Liftgate, Leather Upholstery, Bose Premium Sound System

Safety Features: Automatic Emergency Braking, Lane-Departure Warning, Rear Cross-Traffic Detection, Blind Spot Monitoring, Rear Door Alerts

Starting Price: Around $69,000

The 2021 Lincoln Navigator

The Lincoln Navigator is a longtime pillar of the luxury SUV market, and the newest model is definitely a solid option. Its large chassis means plenty of space on the inside and seating for up to seven. Top-tier materials and premium features likewise leave no doubt that this isn’t a mainstream SUV.

Performance: 3.5-liter Twin-Turbocharged V6 (450 horsepower, 510 pounds-feet of torque, 16/21 miles per gallon)

Feature Options: Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Built-in Navigation, Tri-Zone Automatic Climate Control, Rain-Sensing Windshield Wipers, Wireless Device Charging, Heated & Ventilated Seating

Safety Features: Automatic Emergency Braking, Lane-Keeping Assistance, Blind-Spot Monitoring, Automatic High beams, Rear Cross-Traffic Alert

Starting Price: Around $77,000

Why is the 2021 INFINITI QX80 the Right Luxury SUV for Me?

When you look at the features on offer in the 2021 INFINITI QX80 and the new Lincoln Navigator, you might notice more than a few similarities. The only real advantage the Lincoln Navigator has over the QX80 is a more powerful standard engine. And in the grand scheme? 50 extra horsepower is all that much.

If nothing else, it’s certainly not worth an extra $8,000! With the 2021 INFINITI QX80, you can enjoy all of the same luxury benefits you’d get with something like the Lincoln Navigator. You’ll get all the high performance, refinement, great features, and more. You’ll just get it for less.

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